Suzy Slam

It seems to be all derby all the time here in this space, but these days that’s pretty much the extent of my engagement with photography. It’s not only the pregnancy, but I’m in full-on, shut-down hibernation mode.

Anyways, on the weekend I went to Suzy Slam’s house. It was such a pleasure to photograph her and her family, I really enjoyed myself.
I’m pretty sure this is my favourite shot of the family, but there were several to choose from and I have a huge fondness for their vintage kitchen.



Again and again, I am learning that I get good results when I listen to my subjects’ ideas. When I first went to Sue’s house in September, I was pretty skeptical of her bathroom idea. I was worried it would read too much like a punchline or something, but I don’t think it does at all. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s my favourite.

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