when your hair is this big, you blog about getting it cut

I got my hair cut today. And it was kind of a big deal. I ended up with three braids, each about a foot long or more, which I will donate. I was going to leave them at the salon for them to donate, but when I saw them, I realized I really, really wanted to photograph them.

I don’t know, it felt kind of significant… I’d gone into the appointment feeling like my hair was a burden I needed to rid myself of. I felt like I’d been hiding behind it for too long. But once it was cut I was all nostalgic, thinking about how long those strands had been attached to me, and what had gone into growing them. But whatever. My head is lighter and my neck is cooler. Yay!


more derby girls

I’m having so much fun with this project, I want to post more photos… I love these women.

Leighzzie Borden

Deadly Jenzyme

Teargas Tamara

Dodge Swinger

I really hate coming up with titles

Today I experienced something I haven’t felt in — well, I don’t even know how long: boredom. I’m not always excited by everything I do, but I usually have a big To Do list that I only make dents on, so I’m constantly thinking of the next thing to get done. But this afternoon, I had nothing To Do. It was weird. And nice. I definitely think it’s a sign of some kind of progress.

I’ve been working on a new project involving derby girls. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here, but I’m pretty excited. I still have lots of work to do, and I don’t know how it will end up, but I have a solid method and I think a good idea. Here are a few early images of #66, Em Pale. I fell in love with her and her family while I was at her house, and I’m gonna have a really hard time choosing which image to use, but here are the current frontrunners:





I’ve also found it fascinating that in all five of the women’s houses I’ve gone so far, in every single one of them, there is some kind of reference to gender. The proof:






I’ll be interested to see if that continues with the other women I photograph. By the way, if you’re a derby girl or if you know one in my area, I am looking for more participants. Please email me at kate (at) peripheralvision (dot) ca.