a new project

It’s funny the images that become emblematic of a project. I couldn’t plan them but when I see them, I know them.

I think of Inna’Goddess Da-Vida at her piano with her Dread This helmet, Goddess shirt and Shock Me underwear.

I think of the man on the bench in Woodstock, Cape Town, in front of the graffiti: Where will I spend my happy days? which became the title of the series.

And now this. I could probably do a better job on the photo, and maybe I will later, if the chalk remains (it’s already been up for months), and it likely doesn’t contain the future title of the project, but it has that same emblematic feeling.



* Some cows that can beat you till you beg for mercy
* Horses that are gigantic
* A dog that looks like a polar bear
* A woman who is probably stronger than any other gals you’ve seen.

My new project is still so deep in its infancy it’s squalling and sensitive to bright lights and cold drafts, so that’s all I’ll say for now, and likely for a long time… this one is proving a lot harder to sort out my process on than Yes these bones shall live was in its early days.

blogging the chickens

After too long building a coop, they arrived last week.


I actually took 400 photos of them today when we let them run free around the yard.