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I got a nice package in the mail tonight: my new business cards, which I ordered from Moo. They look great. Some of the pictures lost their blacks, probably because of the very matte paper. But most of the images look really good, and the backsides are fantastic. What I like about these cards is that you can import many pictures from flickr, so you have a big selection of images on the front. Designing the layout of text and logos on the back of the card is intuitive and pretty easy, although I was really glad I had my husband on hand to tweak my logo to suit the card. And the price is way more cost-effective for my quantity needs than having cards (with only one image) printed at a local print shop. So if you have any need for business cards, check out Moo.
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Imagekind is about to start a Valentine’s Day promotion. From February 10 to 16 you can get 25 percent off their custom framing.

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